ART Situacions ARCOmadrid 2017

ARCOmadrid 2017Press Clipping

Directora ArtSituacions:
Pilar Forcada

Marcel Pascual

La Garriga, February 2017 – ART Situacions, in its firm commitment to emerging art, seeks to encourage young creators in promoting awareness of existing art.

This initiative is founded by private sponsorship for the purpose of promoting creativity internationally with a forward-looking approach to art.

For the first time, the ART Situacions ARCOmadrid 2017 Award of 15.000€ is given for the work of a young artist, in attendance at the festival.

The judging panel, composed of art professionals such as María de Corral, an independent curator, and Nimfa Bisbe, Head of Art Collections at the la Caixa Foundation, and in collaboration with Carlos Urroz, director of ARCOmadrid, has selected the winning piece which will later join the ART Situacions collection.

The ART Situacions ARCOmadrid 2017 Award was given on Thursday 23rd February to the Spanish artist Antonio Ballester Moreno, represented by the American gallery Christopher Grimes.

A selection of works forming part of the ART Situacions I and II collection has been exhibited at Room 36 for the duration of the festival (22nd to 26th February).

Works on exhibition:

ART Situacions II Alek O. Itàlia Untitled (umbrellas), 2015
ART Situacions II José Guerrero Espanya Badland #01, 2014
ART Situacions II José Guerrero Espanya Badland #02, 2015
ART Situacions I Mauro Cerqueira Portugal Postais do Porto, 2011
ART Situacions I Miki Leal Espanya The Bird, 2008
ART Situacions II Miren Doiz Espanya S.T (Serie no painting), 2015
ART Situacions I Núria Fuster Espanya Estado 9, 2011

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