Anna Franceschini


Objects, movements and visions, existences that intersect and dance, appearing in ways that are as unpredictable as they are ambiguous and prodigious. Anna Franceschini’s cinematic art is a constantly evolving landscape of fragments of a world, coming out in all their silent, potential nature. What the artist presents is a reality parallel to the tangible world, where the most intimate, abstract spirits of the objects we see find a space to inhabit and tell their story. Anna Franceschini presents us with an active reflection on the language of cinema, and on its mechanisms and illusory nature.

Amazement and wonder, which are so uncommon in everyday life, are key to the artist’s work. A funfair at night, with its attractions and sounds, its lights and movement, is thus taken and represented in its most anthropomorphic dimension, revealing its other, most hidden and unimaginable face. Every rotation, movement, reflection of light and vortex in this work, The Player May Not Change His Position (2009), sets off a story, activating a sphere of feelings and unusual emotional reactions.The secret life of moving objects and the symbolic universe it leads to are shown inside an industrial ironing facility, where the shirts in The Stuffed Shirt (2012) are those worn by dummies brought to life by mechanisms that appear to be playing with life itself. Explosions and collapses caused by the compressed air of the machines put these automatons severely to the test.They appear to reveal the essence of humanity, conjuring in the mind of the viewer parallels with movie characters that are clearly impressed on the popular imagination, such as Frankenstein, the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, and Robocop.

Starting from reality, Anna Franceschini thus constantly brings the notion of objectuality into question, playing with illusion, and developing potential visions and making them subtly manifest. In It’s about light and death (To Joseph Plateau), 2011, a series of stuffed animals in a taxonomy workshop reacquire their identity as wild beasts by means of an optical device in the form of a zoetrope. Lightly brushed by a gentle movement, crystal chandeliers are turned into colourful, joyfully spectral presences (Splendid, 2013), a doll forcefully declares her own existence by means of a little repeated gesture (A Siberian Girl, 2012) and kitsch souvenirs of the Eternal City fly magically through the air (Before They Break, Before They Die,They Fly!, 2014).

We might metaphorically venture to say that Anna Franceschini is capable of staging grand gala balls for objects.The visible world becomes an excuse to adorn the imagination by creating alternative ways of transforming “things” into animations. By suggesting this route, which is always governed by movement, the artist offers the viewer the freedom to create new landscapes and dream worlds that are generated by the power of fiction: endless stories by means of objects, constantly changing and always as potency.

Ilaria Gianni


My work starts out from the real world and involves observing and exploring reality by means of audio-visual recordings. My films concentrate on objects and spaces, and on the relationships between them and human beings. Objects are never either neutral or inert entities but, just like human beings, they all have their own personal story to tell. And this, to the same degree as form and function, influences their use. Finding out how things are built reveals the hidden symbolic practices within them, releasing alchemical universes that are entwined with magic. Unlike what happens in shamanic societies, those who make them are often unwitting prey to the power of objects – as are the end-users.Through my works, I try to leave a trace of the temporary symbolic universes that accompany the production processes. Similarly, through the act of filming, I attempt to capture the residual energy that remains within spaces and constructions designed for activities, such as sport or mass consumption, that are the source of powerful emotions. Spaces absorb the flow of the desires of those who go through them.Traces of these emotional transitions can be seen in the wear and tear of materials and in the constant efforts made to regenerate and clean them, and they can be perceived, for example, in those moments that mark the shift between activity and inactivity. Slower, more subtle changes, and the energy adjustment and mood of places can be rendered visible and audible on film. Every work of mine is an attempt to reconstruct a ritual, and the place it belongs to. My films and, my experience of existence on film comes from the exclusive use of audio-visual materials taken in situ. My times of my shoots are adapted to those of what I am filming and involve long, solitary stays in search of a profound, intimate relationship with the spaces and objects concerned.

Anna Franceschini


Anna Franceschini, 1979, Pavia.
Vive e lavora a Milano – Vive y trabaja en Milán – Lives and works in Milan



2006 Diploma Film Direction, Scuola Civica di Cinema e Nuovi Media, Milano

2004-2006 Laurea Magistrale in Televisione, cinema e produzione multimediale, IULM, Milano

2001-2003 Laurea in Scienze della Comunicazione, IULM, Milano



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(selección / selezione / selection)

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2008 I Festival del Cine Italiano de Madrid – premio per il miglior cortometraggio, menzione speciale

TFF /Torino Film Festival – premio distribuzione



Artwork in Exhibition