ART Situacions edits a book with Turner

ART Situacions edits a book with Turner

Under the title “I Say to the Earth: I Flow. To the Water: I Am Digo a la Tierra: fluyo. Al agua: soy”

An incisive overview of the youngest generations of artists in Spain and France.

Written by Chus Martínez, from the Expert Committee of ART Situacions III

La Garriga / Madrid, March 22, 2023.- On the occasion of the third edition of ART Situacions, the exhibition project presents a book written by Chus Martínez and edited by TURNER, to give greater visibility and projection to the artists who are part of this call. It is a book of exceptional artistic quality, edited in an attractive XL format of 24×28 cm and 168 pages, whose guiding thread is a text by Chus Martínez. “The reviewed artists form an eclectic group, both in form and material, that seeks to address the need for tenderness and care, as well as a new love for life,” says Martinez.

“I Say to the Earth: I Flow. To the Water: I Am” Digo a la Tierra: fluyo. Al agua: soy by Chus Martínez is now available for purchase on the ART Situacions website and on the Turner Editorial website, as well as on the most important online buying and selling platforms. 

TURNER is a publisher of essays, art, and photography that seeks intellectual enrichment through the search for new approaches, capturing it in attractive and innovative formats with the aim of creating long-term relationships that stimulate thought and encourage action. They treat books with extreme care and turn them into a confluence point of culture, entertainment, and learning available to readers, companies, institutions, and cultural entities.

This third edition of ART Situacions, which focuses on emerging young Spanish and French artists, has an expert committee made up of María de Corral, Lorena Martínez de Corral, Chus Martínez, and Vicent Todolí, specialists of recognized national and international prestige who have chosen the participating artists and their works in a consensual manner.

The ART Situacions project has supported each of them for the production of a total of 10 new works created for the occasion, which will be shown in itinerancy along with a selection of representative pieces from the artists. The first exhibition was held in the framework of ARCOmadrid, in a dedicated space that was highly successful with both the public and critics. 

Aware of the scarcity of opportunities facing the youngest sector of contemporary art, ART Situacions seeks to promote its dissemination and bring it closer to a wider audience. It does not intend to reflect the tastes of the patrons behind the project, nor to promote a specific artistic theme or discipline, but rather to carry out a prospective view.