Irma Álvarez-Laviada wins the Pilar Forcada ART Situacions 2022 Prize

Irma Álvarez-Laviada wins the Pilar Forcada ART Situacions 2022 Prize

Sponsored by Honda – Greens Power Products in recognition of the best emerging artwork at ARCOmadrid 2022

Madrid, February 28, 2022.- The Pilar Forcada ART Situacions 2022 Prize, valued at €15,000, was awarded within the framework of ARCOmadrid to an artist born in Gijón and established in Madrid, Irma Álvarez-Laviada.

The ceremony was held on February 24, at the SalaFundación. The emotional ceremony which honored the memory of its founder, Pilar Forcada, was carried out at the hands of Mrs. Maribel López, Director of ARCOmadrid; Mr. Marcel Pascual, Director and Sponsor of ART Situacions; and the members of the jury Mrs. Lorena M. de Coral and Mrs. Neus Miró. The winning artwork will be incorporated into the ART Situacions collection.

The prize, established in 2017, takes on a new significance this year, since from now on it will be called Pilar Forcada ART Situacions Prize, in honor of the founder and director of ART Situacions, the soul project, who sadly left us last year. Her husband and Honda – Greens general director, has taken over to continue this initiative that was championed by his wife with so much enthusiasm and success.

About the winning artwork

The Prize has gone to a set of pieces that, within the framework of ARCO’s Solo Project, Irma Álvarez-Laviada has presented under the title Rojo, azul, amarillo y negro at the Luis Adelantado Gallery stand.

With a selection of representative works from its body of work and continuous research into unconventional materiality in the expanded field of painting, the space of the empty box is proposed as a playful experience based on constructive or modular drawing through a set of works of non-conventional materials of artistic practice treated in the rough, which are activated through different formalizations.

Rojo, azul, amarillo y negro is conceived as a sensory perception game under construction in which the viewer is faced with different elements, sometimes fragmented, which must be put together or fit together as if they were the pieces of a puzzle, offering compositional possibilities that refer us to design, architecture and art.

About the artist

The career of the artist Irma Álvarez-Laviada could be placed in the field of expanded painting, in an attempt to question, from a radical position, everything that somehow alludes to the structural elements of painting in its self-referentiality as a medium. In this way, the painting becomes an autonomous entity, whose flat surface no longer refers to more than itself, thus overcoming everything related to representation and the illusion of depth.

She has received recognition such as the BMW Prize, the Plastic Arts scholarship from the Botín Foundation and the residency scholarship for the Cité des Arts in Paris. Likewise, her work has been shown at international fairs such as Maco, Liste, Photo Miami, CIRCA, ARCO, Estampa, etc., as well as at institutions such as Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia (León), Fundación RAC (Pontevedra) and is part of important collections such as the European Parliament, AECID, the Pilar Citoler Collection, the Mariano Yera Collection, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Antonio Gala Foundation, the Galila Barzilai Collection (Brussels), the Community of Madrid and the Berezdivin Collection (Puerto Rico).

Sobre ART Situacions

ART Situacions is a private non-profit organization that seeks to promote the dissemination of the youngest sector of emerging art and bring it closer to a broader public, with a prospective look.

ART Situacions is currently working on the third edition. The committee of experts for this edition is made up of Maria de Corral, Lorena M. de Corral, Chus Martínez and Vicent Todolí.

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