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Pilar Forcada
Director ofARTSituacions

In our firm commitment to emerging art, ART Situacions seeks to promote young artists in order to raise awareness about the artistic production of European authors writing the art history of the XXI century.

We are pleased to introduce our artists today, pretending to be an international gateway highlighting the current situation across multiple languages that exceed the limits.

I want to end by thanking on behalf of itself and all the participants the opportunity to exhibit at the Museum Villa Croce.

ARTSituacions II

ART Situacions is thrilled to present its second edition featuring works by Ludovica Carbotta, Gabriele De Santis, Miren Doiz, Anna Franceschini, José Guerrero, Rubén Guerrero, Diego Marcon, Alek O., Teresa Solar Abboud, Anna Talens.

Pursuing the goal of being an active subject in the support of emerging contemporary art, ART Situacions is a private initiative of patronage based in Spain that constantly encourages artistic creation. After having worked in 2013 on a survey around the Spanish and Portuguese art scene, this years’ edition focuses on an in depth investigation on the emerging contemporary art practices present in Spain and Italy today.
Aware of the fact that the system of values ​​on which our society has been based is now in full redefinition, ART Situacions considers culture and art as an efficient tool to sharpen criteria, a path that allows to illuminate the uncertainty to which the human being is subject.

Considering the lack of opportunities today faced by the younger generations acting within visual arts, ART Situations seeks to sustain and promote contemporary art practices and spread them among a wider audience. ART Situacions does not intend to reflect the tastes of the patrons behind the initiative, nor to display a particular theme or artistic discipline, but to carry out a prospective look on art in the present age, focusing on some of the most interesting and coherent researches.

For each edition ART Situacions identifies an artistic scene to study closely in dialogue with the Spanish one. For this second edition Italy was selected as the ground to explore. A committee, composed by Maria de Corral, Ilaria Gianni, Lorena Martínez de Corral and Vicente Todol, was nominated to carry out a detailed research on the emerging panorama of artists active in the two countries. After a broad investigations and sessions of discussion, the committee chose by consensus the works of Ludovica Carbotta, Gabriele De Santis, Miren Doiz, Anna Franceschini, José Guerrero, Rubén Guerrero, Diego Marcon, Alek O., Teresa Solar Abboud, Anna Talens, which according to all, represented an incisive overview of the younger generations in Spain and Italy today, and conveyed, through different nuances and forms a portrait of the present time.

The exhibition – which will be touring between the Museo d’Arte Contempranea Villa Croce, Genova, the Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO), and the Matadero, Madrid, intends to be a stimulating multifaceted landscape offering a privileged point of view on some of the most well structured, poetic and coherent practices operating today, at the same time conveying different articulate interpretations of the time we are living.

Detalls tècnics

Els experts del comitè:
Els artistes i les obres incloses en la segona edició d’ART Situacions han estat seleccionades per un comitè d’experts format per:


Els artistes seleccionats:

España Italia
• Miren Doiz
• José Guerrero
• Rubén Guerrero
• Teresa Solar Abboud
• Anna Talens
• Ludovica Carbotta
• Gabriele de Santis
• Anna Franceschini
• Diego Marcon
• Alek O.

Calendari d’exposicions:
• 18-09-2015 a 15-11-2015: Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce Genova
• 27-11-2015 a 31-01-2016: Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO)
• 19-02-2016 a 08-05-2016: Matadero, Madrid

Pilar Forcada

Sònia Manzano

Sponsor i organitzador:
Greens Power Products, S.L.
Marcel Pascual, Director General
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08530 la Garriga, Barcelona
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