Salome Chatriot




*1995, Paris, France
Lives and works between Lausanne, Switzerland and Paris, France


2020 Master of Fine Arts, University of Arts and Design of Lausanne (ECAL), Lausanne, Switzerland
2013 Bachelor of Media and Interaction Design, University of Arts and Design of Lausanne (ECAL), Lausanne, Switzerland

Selected Solo Shows

2023 TTBC, Office Impart, Berlin (GE) (Forthcoming)
2022 Your Favorite Weapon, with Emma Stern, New Galerie, Paris (FR) (Forthcoming) 2021 Calcium Thirst , New Galerie, Paris, (FR)
2019 Fragile Ecosystem, Galerie de l’Ile, Geneva, (CH)


2022 Fragile Ecosystem, Art Basel, Basel, (CH) curated by Gianni Jetzer
2021 Fragile Ecosystem, New Galerie, Paris, (FR)
2021 Fluides Gazeuses, Centre Commercial, Paris, (FR)
2020 Salomé et Virginie, Chez Jean-Luc, Geneva (Ch)
2020 Synthetic Bodies with Samuel Fasse, Galeria Continua, (FR)
2019 Foregate with Samuel Fasse, Silencio, Paris, (FR)
2019 Synthetic Bodies with Samuel Fasse, 7.5, Paris, (FR)
2018 Synthetic Bodies with Samuel Fasse, Station, Paris, (FR)
2016 Personne Publique with Mélanie Courtinat, Pazioli, Lausanne, (CH)

Selected Group Shows

Art Situacions, curated by Chus Martinez, Madrid/Worldwide (Forthcoming)

Future Bodies, Upstream Galery, Amsterdam (NL) (Ongoing)
Des Corps Libres, Studio des Acacias with Reiffers Art Initiatives, curated by Thibaut Wychowanok and Numéro, Paris (FR)
Smells like Strange Design, Etage Projects, Copenhaguen (DE)
Detour , Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR)
Oh I love Barbie, but I think she’s gotten really bad… She’s so suburban now., New Galerie, Paris (FR)

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe, Frac Corsica (FR)
Unfinished Camp, The Shed, New York, (NY) curated by HEK invited by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and András Szántó
Lémaniana, reflets d’autres scènes, Centre d’art Contemporain de Genève, Geneva (CH) curated by Andrea Bellini, Stéphanie
Moisdon in Collaboration with Mohamed Almusibli and Jill Gasparina Dames Natures, La Caserne, Paris (FR)
Hypertext Fictions, Bistro21, Leipzig (GE)
Sad Summer Daze, Galerie Charraudeau, Paris (FR)

La Totale, Galeria Continua, (FR)
Beyond Human, online
6 Acts of Confinement, Friedman Benda, New York, (NY)
Co-22380, Like a Little Disaster (online: Sajetta), Saint Cast le Guildo and Polignano a Mare, (FR) (IT)
Spaced in Lost, online
KDIMON collection X The Wrong TV, online
I Have Done Things Here I Couldn’t Do Elsewhere, The Wrong Bienale 6B, Paris, (FR)
Soleil Vert, New Galerie, Paris, (FR)

Let Us In With a Bag Full of Dust, Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf
Evolution, Nouveau Territoire, FOSUN FOUNDATION, Shanghai (CN)
Spaced in Lost III, Boon Showroom, Paris (FR)
Maison d’Histoire(s) – (Non) Naturelle(s) Nicoletti Contemporary, Paris (FR)
Spaced in Lost II, Galerie Charraudeau, Paris (FR)

Fragile Ecosystem, La Totale – Studio Orta/Galeria Continua (FR)
Spaced in Lost, Galerie Charraudeau, Paris (FR)

File Festival, São Paulo (BR)
Intimate Pockets, Yoyo – Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR)
Pump 1000, Pazioli, Lausanne (CH)

Salone Internationale del Mobile, Milan (IT)


Prizes and Awards

2022 Art Situacions III, curated by Chus Martinez, Madrid (ES)
2021 First workshop for Biennale College Arte, selected by Cecilia Alemani, Venice (IT)
2020 Siemens Ingenious Prize, winner, Centre Pompidou, Paris, (FR)
2019 Opline Prize, winner of the curator’s prize. Selected by ORLAN, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, (FR)



2021 Pink Gallery, Miami (US)
2020 NADA Miami Beach, Miami (US)
2020 Detour, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (US)
2019 Galleristes, Paris (FR)
2019 Pulse, OVNI – Windsor, Nice (FR)



2019 H.S//, Hamac Projects, Paris, (FR)
2019 W.S//, Nicoletti Contemporary, London, (EN)


What is the Future of Decentralization?, moderated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and András Szántó, HEK, Basel (CH)
Affectivité Augmentée, presented by Théodora Domenech, Angela Blanc, Ingrid Luquet-Gad Fondation Pernod Ricard, Paris (FR)

Quels Paysages visuels face à la crise Climatique?, moderated by Ingrid Luquet-Gad, with Mark Alizart and Matthias Garcia, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris (FR)

La Synthèse des Formes, Galleristes, Carreau du Temple, Paris (FR)

Le Lamento du Jardinier – Chora in the realm of Livestream, EPFL – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne (CH)

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